Dance Department

Students can study ballet, ethnic, modern, hip hop, and stage, as well as martial arts, dance conditioning, and yoga. All of these courses receive daily instruction for credit. Each path within the dance curriculum requires an audition process to move beyond beginner to intermediate and advanced, regardless of grade level. The Afro-Caribbean Dance and Drum Ensemble performs throughout the area and provides income for students during the summer months. Graduating seniors can earn a Dance Major Certificate by completing 5 credits in dance with at least one credit of Anatomy and Physiology,and the completion of a senior project approved by the Dance Department Faculty. Dance majors often engage in master classes with touring dance professionals and companies, including the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, Tommy Nani Igbani, an African dancer and drummer, and the Ghanaian dance and drumming ensemble lead by Bernard Woma.